Back To Square One

As we go through life’s phases; living, loving, and learning, we are bound to make mistakes. So much so that the thinker Albert Einstein thoughtfully noted; One who never made a mistake has never tried something new.

We are all on racetracks whether or not we choose to run. The tracks themselves are in a backward motion and this implies that one still has to run just to remain on the same spot.

We all fight our individual battles, celebrate our victories, count our losses. We live our entire lives trying to master our own destiny. The lucky ones amongst us are those who realize that the only way to win more is to lose more.

Shalom Dickson

febuary 2016



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  1. SO beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I’d also appreciate feedback, or you taking the time to write a post for my page (I always give credit).
    I just enjoy spreading the creative author love.
    Write on šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shalomdickson says:

      I’m pleased you loved it. You can send me a mail here ā†’ . I’ll reply and send a post. Thanks.


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