In time, time will tell

The end of all

And the beginning of some more, something more.

In time, time will be


Passing, changing and unchanging, effecting and determining.

In time, time will see

Where time leads

The result of time past, of time spent.

In time, time will show

What the time is

What time is

What time.

“Time all time”


July 2015

Author’s note:

Couldn’t figure out a creative way to put this so I’ll just say it straight. (They’re my own thoughts though, everyone has some.)

Time is the greatest force in our known universe, time is infinitesimal. Eternity exists        all around us, time is eternal. The energy, atoms, particles and forces that make up our short-lived world are eternal.

The universe is a result of time no matter your perspective. “Gravity on this view is no longer so much a thing as an outcome – “not a “force” but a byproduct of the warping of spacetime”,in the words of the physicist Michio Kaku, who goes on: “in some sense, gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and stars is the distortion of space and time.”

What I’m trying to portray albeit with seeming verbosity is; who we are as men is the product of time in all its ramifications. The amount of time we’ve spent on earth; gathering knowledge and wisdom, doing, learning, looking, thinking, practicing, being, knowing, and all we do in time, with time and in our time will make or mar us. Thus time is the yardstick by which the difference in all men is measured.

The next great guy is not better than you , you just haven’t had or spent enough good time.


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